Steve Fanning Member of the Board
  • June 12, 2024

Zürich, Switzerland, June 6, 2024 – Andreas Schmocker, CEO of Odne proudly announces the appointment of Steve Fanning as Independent Board Member. “Steve is joining us with vast leadership experience in Dental and Endodontics and bringing innovation to the market,” says Schmocker. “We are currently in the process of launching the Odne system in the US and Steve’s background with building businesses in Endodontics will be a tremendous asset as we look to expand Odne’s presence.”


“I am honored and energized to be collaborating with the talented team at Odne to bring innovation to Dentistry/Endodontics,” says Fanning “It is an exciting time to become a part of the Odne team as we look to transform Endodontics. The Odne system has the potential to empower clinicians to perform endodontic procedures with more confidence and enable them to provide patients with better outcomes. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the work they are doing.


Odne has recently launched a Priority Access Program (PAP) for its innovative Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) at the AAE annual meeting in Los Angeles. The PAP will form the core of Odne’s scientific & clinical community, transforming endodontics. One initiative of the PAP is to perform a clinical case registry, collecting further knowledge on the clinical use of Odne’s devices for root canal treatment. Participating Endodontists get the chance to be amongst the first users of Odne’s devices and provide valuable use-related and scientific feedback.


OdneFill is the first FDA-cleared light-curing, injectable endodontic obturation material. OdneFill is a hydrogel, a class of biomaterials known for their excellent biocompatibility and hydrophilicity. Due to its water-like viscosity and the ultra-high hydrophilicity in its uncured state, it can flow into complex endodontic structures, such as isthmuses, deltas, C-shaped canals. Once cured with OdneTMCure, the corresponding micro-laser curing device, it provides gap-free root canal sealing and long-term obturation.


OdneClean aims to establish a non-instrumented approach to RPT. A debridement tip as thin as 190µm creates a hydro-dynamic cavitation cloud using physiologic saline solution inside the root canal. The cavitation jet removes debris inside the canals and tubules. FDA-clearance for OdneClean is expected in H2/2024.


About Steve Fanning

Steve has over 25 years of commercial and general management experience in healthcare, delivering consistent results driving growth with mature businesses and building growth playbooks for newer businesses. In his early career, Steve worked at Johnson & Johnson on the Tylenol, Splenda and Neutrogena brand businesses. In 2010 he joined Danaher (now Envista) and was promoted to Vice President/General Manager for the Infection Prevention and Specialties business for Danaher’s Dental Division in 2014. Steve moved to Henry Schein in 2018 as Vice President/General Manager over the Restoratives and Endodontics Business Unit delivering high growth results. Recently, Steve worked as CEO at a Healthcare startup.


Steve holds a BBA from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Marketing and Finance, as well as an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Strategy and Marketing.


About Odne

Odne AG (formerly Lumendo AG), has its roots in a groundbreaking collaboration between two renowned Swiss institutions: the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zürich (EPFL & ETH Zürich). Founded in 2018, Odne’s journey began by licensing cutting-edge technology assets from these esteemed institutes. 


Odne is committed to pioneering the future of endodontics through advanced technology and innovative solutions. Endodontics, the field of dental medicine that deals with root canal treatments, has been marred by complexity and unpredictability. Odne is on a mission to change that. 


Root canal treatments have long posed challenges for dentists, with traditionally low success rates ranging from 46% to 91%. With over 60 million annual treatments worldwide, these failures result in significant healthcare costs. Odne’s technology platform addresses these issues by offering treatment options for both dentists and their patients. Odne`s medical device portfolio, slated for launch in the US in 2024, tackle problems such as the debridement and obturation of complex root canal morphologies. Recently Odne Inc, USA was founded to build the organization to support the US launch.


Odne is backed by venture capital funds focusing on healthcare and dental. Recently Revere Partner (NY), an independent venture fund providing capital for cutting-edge innovations in oral and systemic health, and NV Capital (LIE), a family-owned venture capital boutique led the Series A1 financing. Alongside the lead investors other renowned funds such as Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), Plug&Play, Hatcher, Züricher Kantonalbank, as well as various family offices and angel investors are supporting Odne`s US market launch


Disclaimer: OdneTMFill and OdneTMCure are cleared for use in the U.S.A only. All other Odne devices are currently in development and have not received approval for clinical use. 


Odne`s technology platform for root canal debridement and obturation including: the first hydro-dynamic cavitation device using saline as main debridement medium, and the first FDA cleared highly flowable, light-cured obturation material.



For further information contact:  

Holger Essig, General Manager / Head of Global Marketing
Odne AG, Ringstrasse 14, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland