Micro Laser Curing.

Thinnest Dental Light Curing Device.

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Photocuring inside the root canal.

OdneCure is a class 3R medical laser with a highly flexible and thin light conductor. OdneCure`s design has been optimized for use with OdneFill through the integration of a micron-thin optical fiber tip and a customized photocuring protocol. Thus, ensuring that the filling material is effectively reached and cured within the most intricate root canal structures.

Complete 2-step photocuring.

With Odne’s innovative 2-step photocuring approach, the flexible optical fiber tip travels all the way down the root canal (minus 3-5mm of working length) for a targeted photocuring of the apical region.

In a second step, the coronal section is photocured from above the orifice to ensure a complete and uniform seal along the entirety of the root canal structure, regardless of its morphology.

Ergonomic Device.

Ensuring consistent light quality.

Leveraging its laser-based technology to achieve a focused light delivery, OdneCure delivers a consistent light output with exceptional precision. To ensure the highest curing quality, the light-output is measured before use, using the photometer sensor in the charging stand. This provides the clinician with instant feedback and confidence about the curing steps.

Thinnest Dental Optical Fiber Tip [220 µm].

Light-curing complex morphologies.

The OdneCure Tip is the thinnest light conductor used in endodontics, specially engineered for the photocuring of Odne Fill within root canals prepared through a minimally invasive technique (min. preparation ISO 20.04).
Its design offers excellent flexibility to ensure easy navigation through every canal, while its metal section allows for manual angle adjustments to facilitate the access in the most challenging areas.

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