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Odne RPT Workflow is easy to train and the Odne devices are affordable, also for a GP clinic. For the first time, this really enables the Endo Leader to drive workflow standardization within their Referral Base.

Your benefits

Priority access

Priority access to Odne’s innovative obturation technology: Odne™Fill - The first FDA cleared highly flowable, light-cured obturation material.
 Odne™Cure - The first micro laser for light curing inside the root canal.

Publish your work

Opportunity to document your clinical cases and publish your work as part of a Clinical Case Registry.

P.A.P.A Community

Engage in the Odne Priority Access Community, share and expand your knowledge in the upcoming P.A.P.A. summits.

Receive the Kit & Special Discounts

Receive the Odne Obturation Kit including Odne™Cure device, Odne™Fill, and accessories for 50 patients at 25% discount (valid until June 30th, 2024).

Participation is limited to 50 clinicians from the U.S.

Due to our limited resources for training and support, participation is limited to 50 clinicians from the U.S. If you are interested, please apply to become part of our Priority Access Community using the form below.

Our team will be in touch. Let’s transform endo together. We appreciate your support. Thank you!