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The Odne™ 
RPT Workflow

Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) Transforms Endo into a Practice Builder

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The first hydro-dynamic cavitation device using saline as main debridement medium.

*FDA-clearance pending*

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The first FDA cleared, highly flowable, light-cured obturation material.

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The first micro laser for light curing inside the root canal.

We are challenging status quo, accelerating
practice building and long-term tooth preservation.

Odne™  Root Preservation Therapy (RPT)​

Minimally invasive root preservation workflow applying​

Hydro-dynamic cavitation using saline as main irrigation medium​
First FDA approved light-curing obturation materia

  • Instant light-curing of filler​
  • Filling complex morphologies 
    w/o compaction​
  • Accelerated treatment
Group 168

Root Canal Preparation

Group 169


Group 170

Odne™Fill Obturation​

Group 171

Prosthetic Restoration

We evolve together, listening well, and learning from each other.​

Education & Science

Education & Science

We evolve together, listening well, and learning from each other.