Light-Cured Obturation.

All-In-One Endodontic Filling Material.

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Obturation of complex morphologies.

OdneFill is the first FDA cleared light-curing, injectable endodontic obturation material. OdneFill is a hydrogel, a class of biomaterials known for their excellent biocompatibility and hydrophilicity. Due to its water-like viscosity and the ultra-high hydrophilicity in its uncured state, it can flow into complex endodontic structures, such as isthmuses, deltas, C-shaped canals, etc. OdneFill has been specifically formulated to mechanically create a very tight interface with the dentin in its cured state.

Easing your workflow.

Minimum preparation [ISO 20.04] – inject OdneFill – light-cure. This is all-in-one obturation, simply applying OdneFill with a syringe and light-curing it with OdneCure.

Once cured, OdneFill provides a gap-free root canal sealing and long-term obturation. OdneFill is compatible with (most) prosthodontic materials and procedures for final restoration. If a re-treatment is necessary, OdneFill can be easily removed due to its pulp-like properties.

Single-use Syringe.

All-in-one filling solution.

OdneFill has been engineered to overcome the limitations associated with current obturation materials. OdneFill flows into the available spaces and hardens on demand. No compaction, no heating, no complex technology. The single-use syringe contains enough filling material for 6-8 root canals. Together with OdneFill Tip and OdneCure, it transforms endodontic procedures making root canal obturation less technique sensitive.​

Thinnest Dental Tip [190µm).

Flexible and sturdy.

The OdneFill Tip is not only the thinnest dental cannula in the market at 190 µm (between 33G and 34G), but also offers unprecedented flexibility to adapt to every root canal shape. The tip has been specially tapered to naturally follow the root canal structure, while its metal section allows for manual angle adjustments to facilitate access in challenging areas. The integrated endo stops allows for precise working length measurements.

The single-use OdneFill Tip can be also used to apply irrigants or disinfection solutions into the root canal, making it a game-changer tool for every endodontic treatment.

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